Lighting and sound system


The equipment in our possession is the most modern, top quality and certified, and it basically consists of: stages, lighting and sound system.

The cooperation of “Dance now” with renowned world manufacturers of both stage constructions and audio and video equipment enables our clients to realize a complete service when it comes to the organization of a social event.

Prefab stages are practically an indispensable part of every major event, and are steel structures with non-slip wooden floor mats. “Dance now” has as much as 250 m^2 mobile stage with a total load capacity of 750 kg, from the renowned German brand “Bütec”.

After 40 years of tradition, mobile BÜTEC stages have become a classic when it comes to quick and safe installation of stage structures. Thanks to the knowledge and experience of our employees, we can offer innovative solutions for staging stages from 2 up to 250 square meters, adjustable height from 60cm-110cm thanks to the most modern telescopic legs.

In addition to the stage construction itself, we also offer P ramps, professional protective fences and a roof stage construction (popular roof), dimensions 12˟10m, which is almost the most important part of the equipment for outdoor performances.

The stages are water-resistant, equipped with anti-slip surfaces and with the original certificate, so in addition to a superb appearance, they also offer complete safety. In addition, for the specific requirements of dance events, we offer 500 m^2 of ballet floor.

We complement the complete scene with the most modern visual effects and perfect sound, providing powerful sound systems from renowned world manufacturers, as well as concert and architectural programs (exterior and interior lighting).

In the area of visual effects, we can offer top R7 roto heads, multi-colored parks with controls, state-of-the-art waterproof (outdoor) 3.9 led screens, various special effects and an irreplaceable ‘starry sky’ in dimensions of 3˟4 and 6˟4 meters.

In the area of sound, we offer mixers and guitar amplifiers of top quality and leading world brands such as JBL, Peavey, Marshall, along with fantastic Yamaha drums, as well as all types of JBL and Shure microphones, from vocal 58s, through instrumental 57s, to broadband condenser microphones for orchestras and choirs.

By setting up scenography and all technical equipment, we provide our clients with an undoubtedly fantastic end result of the scene's appearance.

Our activity

The main activity of the organization “Dance now” is the organization of events in the country and abroad, with or without professional certified equipment.


Thanks to the expertise of our organization’s personnel, as well as the quantity and quality of equipment in our possession, we are able to offer clients various types of business cooperation:

Organization of events under our direction – mainly dance competitions in the country and abroad. In both cases, the entire technical and logistical support is ours.
Organization of events in cooperation with clients – When it comes to joint competitions, we offer logistical support, free equipment and dividing the profit into two equal parts. Rental of equipment for events organized independently by clients.